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Do you have an unplanned pregnancy?

Do you know your options to make an informed decision?

We are here for you!

Call or text our 24/7 Helpline at:


I became aware of Hope KL through a church I visit. The consultants help you rethink your life and that you should not give up even in difficult situations because you have God. You can entrust everything to them and it feels good to get everything off your chest. And they always help you with God's word. I am very grateful for you and your center.

Sarah S.

Good prenatal care. 
Praying helps me feel better. 
The conversations are uplifting and help me feel better.  

Teresa W.

I got to know the pregnancy centre through my sister.  The book about these beautiful letters that God has for his daughters has touched me deeply and I am grateful for it. 
I also have a lot of material help from the maternity centre and I am so grateful for that because I was in need. The punctuality, kindness, organization are things that I like so much in the pregnancy center. May God continue to bless the maternity centre so that they can help women in need and spread the Word of God. 

Elizabeth W.

Women Talking

We will work to meet with you somewhere near to your home or to do a video chat.


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